Meet Our Staff

Staff 4



Founder/ Owner 

Mrs. Jerika is a married mom who’s bilingual upbringing inspired her to teach Spanish lessons. She loves to spark curiosity and discovery in children. Through her innovative, curriculum based, bilingual class Mrs. Jerika opens up an entire world of possibilities for her students. Her favorite quote is: “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Building this business is Mrs. Jerika’s dream come true and she gives her all to make sure her program is helping children have a positive educational experience. She is admired and loved by her peers because of her contagious positive and happy attitude. 


Mr. Lopez

Dany Lopez is and will always be the wind beneath Mrs. Jerika’s wings. Dany is a native from Brooklyn, NY. He was raised in a Puertorican/ Mexican household and it is the silent owner of Flawless Soiree, LLC. Dany keep us all in compliance and ensures we are all happy. Dany enjoys traveling, spending time with his family and fixing all the things that break around his household.



Ms. Alana loves to teach because she loves to see children learn. Lesson planning is one of favorite things to do and she admires people who are passionate about educating children. Mrs. Alana is very creative and in her free time she enjoys painting and crochet.


Mrs. Ashleigh has worked in the childcare field for ten years. She is CPR/First aid certified, is a level 3 in the Maryland Childcare Credentialing Program, has 90 clock hour certification, infant and toddler certification. Mrs. Ashleigh loves to see children grow and learn. She is very outgoing and enjoys keeping children active and working on hands on activities, even utilizing her love for singing and dancing to keep children happy and learning.



Mrs. Maria is married and loves teaching children because the bring back the innocence that is often lost as we become adults. She is excited to lead her students into new adventures and new discoveries. On her spare time, Mrs.Maria loves to read, sing and dance.


Mrs. Nicole has spent much of her career teaching in various setting, from preschool to college, she loves getting students excited about learning. She has a bachelors in Political Science with a double minor in History and Spanish; as well as a master’s in Political Science and an Master’s in the Art of teaching Social Studies.  Mrs. Nicole studied Spanish and even spent a semester in Spain.  While in Spain she fell in love with the culture and food so she enjoys sharing her experience. Mrs. Nicole believes in the importance of cultural diversity and language.


Mrs. Rosaline loves being a caregiver. She has a bachelors degree in Psychology and has experience teaching children. Mrs. Rosaline believes all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. She lived in Germany and developed a passion for teaching children about the world, other cultures and languages.